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Fauree has Inked MOU with Bankislami


Fauree and BankIslami, one of Pakistan’s premier Islamic banks, have officially signed a strategic collaboration agreement aimed at promoting and facilitating the growth of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector in Pakistan. The collaboration focuses on providing enhanced financial services and support to SME suppliers, recognizing their vital role in driving economic growth.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Azhar Tasadduq, CO founder & CEO of Fauree stated, “We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration opens up for SMEs in Pakistan. By combining Fauree’s industry expertise with BankIslami’s financial acumen, we hope to empower SMEs, enabling them to scale their operations and reach new heights.”

Mr. Rizwan Ata, President & CEO of BankIslami expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “BankIslami is pleased to partner with Fauree in supporting the SME sector, a critical engine for economic growth. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide comprehensive digital financial solutions that enable SMEs to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities for success.”

Both companies believe that a robust SME sector is pivotal for economic resilience and growth,  this collaboration underscores their commitment to contributing to Pakistan’s economic development goals.

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