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About Fauree

Fauree was founded with the goal of supporting small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the UAE, a sector that plays a vital role in the country’s economy. As a leading provider of financial solutions, we serve businesses in the UAE, Pakistan, KSA and Oman. Our team of finance, banking, and IT experts is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their working capital and streamline their supply chain operations through tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and grow.

Our Vision

“Be the leading Shariah-Compliant platform for Supply-Chain Finance”

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the SME and MME sector worldwide. To understand the challenges facing it and to endeavor to find solutions. Our first target is the easing of their cashflow difficulties. We do that through the addressal of the post shipment Supply Chain Finance (SCF). In SCF we refer to the situation in which the supplier has already delivered the goods or services and which has been approved by the buyer/principal. What usually happens is that the Buyer will make the payment at a later date, 45-120 days. We have developed a business model and an enabling software platform to address this matter, such that the SME Suppliers can obtain the payment immediately. In short, our platform and its ecosystem will serve the SMEs in need of funding through reverse factoring. These companies can either represent direct or secondary suppliers.

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Dr Saleh Alamr Board Member
Dr Saleh Alamr
VC & Board Member
Dr. Mohamed A Kalmoor Board Member
Named the “Best Banking CEO Oman 2014” by renowned UK based Global Brands Magazine. Leading teams from the front and delivering superior performance with great strategic foresight. Demonstrating clarity of vision, judgment and transformation skills to empower organizations. Reaching excellence in banking services including retail, corporate and commercial banking, private banking, real estate finance, structured finance, investments and asset management. Holding a PhD in Economics from University of Colorado, USA
Nadeem Hussain Board Member
Nadeem Hussain
Chairman & Board Member
Azhar Tasaduq Founder & CEO
Azhar Tasaduq
Founder & CEO

Our Core Team​

Pirzada Najam Co-founder & CTO
Pirzada Najam
Co-founder & CTO
Moiz Mehta Director
Abdul Moiz Mehta
Nauwaf Mohamed Kalmoor Managing Partner
Nauwaf Mohamed Kalmoor
Managing Partner
Wahaj Ahmed Siddiquie Head of Products
Wahaj Ahmed Siddiquie
Head of Products

Our Core Team​

Fahd Ahmed Head of Projects
Fahd Ahmed
Head of Projects
Nimra Malik Client Relationship Manager
Nimra Malik
Client Relationship Manager
Imran Sarfaraz Senior Developer
Imran Sarfaraz
Senior Developer
Muhammad Muzammal Murtaza Senior Software Engineer
Muhammad Muzammal Murtaza
Senior Software Engineer
Mohammad Hamza Senior Developer
Mohammad Hamza
Senior Developer
Suhaib Dar Director
Suhaib Dar

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