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Fauree: A solution to the Working Capital Challenges

Fauree: A solution to the Working Capital Challenges

Today’s global supply chain finance is more complex than ever. The idea that each entity in the ecosystem can influence and be influenced is dynamic. However, it can also cause disruption if this synchronized movement of thousands of interrelated parts does not have enough synergy to meet the growing demands of working capital.

Financing solutions to the working capital challenges do exist in form of payable finances but for years, companies and banks have been caught up in the manual processes of due diligence with unending paperwork that is difficult, slow, and inefficient. The transparency issues of the processes result in data barriers, making risk management difficult. That’s where Fauree comes into play.

Fauree is a powerful, intuitive SAAS platform that offers a seamless, fully integrated digital system. Our cloud-based system interfaces with corporate ERPs to enable risk management of payable financing for large institutions.

Our platform directly connects Anchor Customers, Suppliers, and Financiers where corporate customers can easily adapt to their needs by customizing discounting rules that can be applied to each distinct supplier or set of suppliers. Suppliers do not have to wait for net payment terms and can easily request early payments on the go. And through our fully digitized system Financiers can leverage historical data for risk management of corporate buyers and suppliers and can offer financing against invoices of any value.

Enabling you to simplify, automate and scale your working capital. So come on board and become part of the next generation of supply chain finance.



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